Iš Insbruko—su patirties ir įspūdžių bagažu

Po jaunimo olimpiados Rokas Zaveckas toliau dalyvaus tarptautinėse varžybose, o Laurai Pamerneckytei iki vasaros teks pamiršti sportą.

—Marius Grinbergas, sportas.info
L.Pamerneckytė ir R.Zaveckas su jaunimo olimpiados talismanu Yaoggliu.
Įsiminė ne tik varžybos

Lietuvos kalnų slidininkai iš pirmosios jaunimo žiemos olimpiados, vykusios Austrijos mieste Insbruke, parsivežė ne tik patirties ir lauktuvių, bet ir daugybę įspūdžių.

„Niekada nebuvau dalyvavusi tokiame renginyje ir tikriausiai jau nebebūsiu. Labiausiai sužavėjo tai, kad buvo ne tik sporto, bet ir kultūrinė dalis. Tai buvo netikėta ir labiausiai įsiminė“, – teigė 16-metė Laura Pamerneckytė.

Jai antrino ir 15-metis Rokas Zaveckas: „Insbruke praleidau dvi labai įdomias savaites. Patiko ir varžybos, ir kultūrinė programa“.

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Laura Pamerneckytė from Innsbruck 2012!

Rokas Zaveckas and Laura Pamerneckytė at the opening ceremonies of Innsbruck 2012

Kalnų Ereliai veteran and member of the Lithuanian National Ski Team Laura Pamerneckytė of Vilnius is in Austria this week for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games. The 16-year-old is one of just six athletes on the Lithuanian team (two alpine skiers, two cross-country skiers, and two biathletes). In Innsbruck, she will compete in the Slalom and Giant Slalom competitions. On the eve of her first race, she took a few minutes to catch up with kalnuereliai.com and provide some insight into her experiences at the YOG for our English-speaking fans.

Kalnų Ereliai: What does the experience of participating in YOG mean to you?
Laura Pamerneckytė: It means a lot to me, because I was sent here to represent my country. I think all the Lithuanians here are nice and friendly, so other athletes have a good opinion about us. It just feels so great to be a part of YOG.

KE: What is your first impression of the race hill, and what is your plan for the GS/SL races?
LP: The hill is really good. Hopefully the snow and weather will be fine too. My plan is simply to finish. I’ll try as hard as I can, but there are a lot of strong girls I just can’t compete with. The most important thing is to participate not to win.

KE: What has been the best part of YOG so far?
LP: The best part was opening ceremony! It was a bright and colorful show. It was really interesting despite how cold it was outside. Also in YOG, I have met some really interesting people and made many new friends.

KE: And lastly, what is Yogger? We’ve been hearing a lot about it.
LP: Hmm … Yogger is like a flash drive but with some special functions. Whatever activities you participate in—drumming, listening to a lesson about how to prepare for competition, or how to be a chef—you collect points. When you have enough points you can get prizes like sunglasses or a water-bottle. Rokas [Zaveckas] and I both already got [a water-bottle], and we need only one or two more points to get awesome headphones!

Aciu Laura! Sounds like you’re having a great time. Good luck to you, Rokas, and the rest of the Lithuanian team!

Lietuvos slidininkai ant podiumo! Baltic Cup 2011

Kovo 21-25 dienomis vyko Baltijos Taurė 2011 Suomijoje, Suomotunturi kurorte ! Iš Lietuvos, Latvijos ir Estijos dalyvavo 4-94 metų amžiaus grupių slidininkai. Lietuvos komanda buvo gana negausi, tačiau vistiek pavyko atsistoti ant podiumo. Šiose varžybose 6-ios prizinės vietos buvo apdovajonamos.

14-os metų Rokas Zaveckas savo grupėje laimėjo visas varžybas iš trijų kategorijų: SG, GS ir SL. O 10-ies metų Radvilas Janulionis savo grupėjė buvo 5-as (SG), 3-as (GS ir SL).

16-os metų Ieva Januškevičiūtė užėmė 6-ą vietą SG rungtyje.

15-os metų Laura Pamerneckytė užėmė 5-ą vietą GS ir 4-ą vietą SL rungtyse.

16-os metų Marcelė Kuliešiūtė užėmė 5-ą vietą SL rungtyje.

17-os metų Ieva Urbonavičiūtė užėmė 6-ą vietą SL rungtyje.

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A little good, a little bad…

I had a tight two weeks of racing and a lot of work in school ! I had to hurry everywhere, so it was also a lit stressful time, but i handle it, YEAH !

January 22nd I had GS race in LT, Ignalina. I’m not sure if I can call it GS, but organizers said that it was GS. Anyway I genuinely prefer to stay next my opinion because there was 12 seconds long run and we were going with SL skis ! That is what we call LITHUANIAN GS !

Skaityk toliau…. .

Slovakia FIS races & LT champ 2011

On Monday morning, January 3rd I left to Slovakia and Italy for two weeks . I was thrilled to come in Slovakia for 2xGS and 2xSL FIS races in Liptovska Teplicka.

That  week in Slovakia I, Ieva J., Laura, Marcele, Kasparas and Aivaras lived somewhere in slovakian forests separated from civilization. At least we expected to meet there lithuanians, and it happend. Just we reached our destination, our eyes caught a car with LT number . Here exactly fits this sentence : ”It happens when you least expect it”.

Skaityk toliau…. .